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Unique Quality Control System

“Quality is the lifeline” Allway Chem is fully aware of the importance of Quality and shows absolute resection to it. Therefore we developed our own Quality Control system to ensure your inquiry and orders can be processed and executed in high quality. It starts to work from the moment you once contact us:

  • Efficiency reply with more possibilities so you can get a quality solution:

    1. Prompt reply for each message we receive- our professional consultant will always reply within 3 workdays once you contacted us either it is an inquiry, email, or message.
    2. Based on our trustful domestic supply and demand network, we are able to find you more options for your demand with reasonable price.
  • Daily check and Instant revision on the status of each Order to make sure every order is executed in good quality.

    1. Within our company we applied the working method of daily meeting to make sure everything is going on well and any accidental case can be solved in time.
    2. What’s more, We input all the customer information and each order in our booking system and have records of each action we take. Every item has one person working on it and one person checking and signing for it.
  • Active Quality Inspection from origin

    After we received your order, we take our responsibility to assure we get the best quality and carry the delivery on time.
    For the quality of our exporting, we have level higher requirement with the manufacturer and have our merchandiser paying attention to our booking all the time until it is ready.
    As supplier of some raw materials of the factory, we maintain good relationships with them. As a result, we enjoy priority on the sequence and have better acknowledgement of the processing of the products our clients orders.
  • Timely updates on the Logistics information of your goods.

    From the moment the goods starts to travel our service specialist will end you renewed status of the cargo positively even you are not asking for it. We believe this is the best way for you to schedule your working and keep your business well organized.