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More stars will brighten the sky

The International Trading Department of Allway Chem was started by Mr Gong (the founder) with Joy. We have a group of people who are experienced and professional for their positions. “daily report” is the working method we apply in our company to make sure the every single person is working as a united team and plays their own roles well.
  • Mr Gong

    Founder of Allway Chem, Purchasing

    Allway Chem is founded by Mr Gong who has been working in Chemical industry for more than 10 years, positions he ever took are: Warehouse management, purchasing and sales. In November 2020, after his 35th birthday, he started his own company.

He is always responsible and creative for his work:

When working in the warehouse, he noticed that it is really time consuming to check the stock as they only have the handwritten records of Inbound and outbound. Therefore he made a personalized Warehouse Management data base, which is working well till now.
On his purchasing and sales job he started from a novice to a director.
His highest monthly sales is over 10 million RMB.
He is the first one who started oversea sales in the previous company he worked for.
Allway Chem has reached a sales of 10 million RMB within the first 3 months.
In Allway Chem international trading Mr Gong take the job of purchasing and quality control.
He believes there will always be a suitable solution that makes everyone happy as long as we hold a good attitude. He wishes you will enjoy knowing about China and Chinese culture from Allway Chem. You can also email him directly if you have any complaints or good suggestions for our company.
  • Joy (Kong)

    Cooperator, International Communication

    Joy learned English as her major in University. She got abachelor’s degree in literature, passed TEM 4, TEM-8, and tested for the Senior Interpreters of Shanghai City.
    After graduation, she worked for an international Kung Fu School from 2008 taking the job to of answering emails and voice calls of foreigners.
    In this duration, she was introduced to international trading by her students can who ever become business clients and friends that remain good friendship till now.
    In the past 12 years, she have met an talked more than 2000 people from 60 countries, answered more than 21,900 emails in English, selling products to more than 10 countries.

Allway Chem Internationl trading is just started as a new area:

For Mr. Gong, he is expanding from domestic to international market. For Joy, she is moving from selling service to products.
Both of them are confident that as long as they work hard with a heart that is always longing for learning new things, they will reach new achievement and make a successful bossiness for them and their clients.


Allway Chemical

Successful bossiness for us and our clients: