China has become one of the busiest transportation countries in the world

Time:Jun 13,2022

Since the 18th National Congress of the CPC , Chinese transportation industry has made historic achievements,  and completed a large number of key projects, ushering in a historic leap from a major transportation country to a strong transportation country.

On June 10, the Propaganda Department of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China held a series of press conferences on the theme of "This decade of China", introducing the progress and achievements on accelerating the construction of a strong transportation country in the new era. Xu Chengguang, Deputy Minister of Transportation, introduced that since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, China has built the world's largest high-speed railway network, expressway network, world-class port group, air and sea access to the world.  The comprehensive transportation system with huge scale and smooth internal and external connections has effectively supported China to be the world's second largest economy and the world's largest goods trading country.

According to the data of 2021, on average, more than 69,000 ships enter and leave the port every day, 26,800 aircraft take off and land, and nearly 300 million express shipments are processed. During peak hours, on average, more than 10,000 passenger trains run on the railway every day, and the expressway traffic exceeds 60 million.

China's railway, highway, water transport, civil aviation passenger and cargo turnover, port cargo throughput, postal express business and other major indicators have ranked among the top in the world for many consecutive years, and it has become one of the busiest transportation countries in the world.