Emergency Management Department: Anchoring the goal of centralized management of safety risks of hazardous chemicals

Time:Jul 30,2022
Emergency Management Department: Anchoring the goal of centralized management of safety risks of hazardous chemicals
Article source: China Industry News
July 29, 2022 17:57
The Emergency Management Department held a national quarterly video promotion meeting on centralized management of hazardous chemical safety risks, reporting progress, analyzing problems, exchanging practices, strengthening measures, and pressing stubble to promote the implementation of key tasks. Effectively prevent and control major security risks, and create a stable security environment for the successful convening of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China.

The meeting pointed out that since the beginning of this year, various regions and enterprises have promoted the implementation of various tasks of centralized governance and achieved positive results. However, judging from the results of the mid-term evaluation of centralized governance, there are still unbalanced progress among regions, and some special projects are lagging behind and their quality is not high.

The meeting emphasized that it is necessary to clearly understand the severe situation facing the current safe production of hazardous chemicals, and to strengthen the sense of urgency to do a good job in centralized management. It is necessary to adhere to the problem orientation, anchor and focus on the goals of the centralized governance task and make every effort to tackle the tough problems, quickly wake up, get nervous, and take action. If there is a deviation in the work direction, it will be corrected in a timely manner.

The meeting called for tackling both the symptoms and the root causes, accurately grasping the relationship between major risk prevention and control and centralized governance, and promoting major risk prevention and centralized governance as a whole to prevent "two skins". It is necessary to organically integrate centralized management with annual key work, integrate centralized management tasks and measures into safety production inspections and special safety actions, strengthen supervision and inspections and unannounced investigations, do a good job in safe production during the summer flood season, and strictly implement the main responsibility of enterprises. Resolutely prevent and contain major and extraordinarily serious accidents and accidents with greater impact. (Zou Jie)